Affiliated to The University of Burdwan
NAAC Re-Accredited Grade B++

Women Counselling Cell


      The Women Counseling members are :

       1. Prof. Ajanta Chakrabarti
       2. Prof. Jayati Bhattacharya (Ghosh)
       3. Prof. Joytsna Mallick
       4. Prof. Monalisa Mustafi
       5. Prof. Sarbari Ghosal

The Women Counseling cell by the name “Suchetana” was formed in our college way back in 2007-2008 academic session. Here female teachers provide both psychological emotional counseling to female students as and when required, it may not always be formal but the mental situation of an woman sometimes accepts solace more to an informal way. “Suchetana” over the years have addressed women’s issue related to relationship, gender-based oppression, and emotional wounds. With a motherly touch the members of the cell has also tried to heal up issues of depression and adolescence among students.