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Khalisani Mahavidyalaya invites e-tender for books & sports goods

Updated on Feb 08

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Books and Sports goods

Dept. of Physics : Tender invited for Lab equipment & materials.

Posted on Sep 28, 2018

Notice No. 10/Sep. Sealed Quotations are invited from the established scientific equipment & material suppliers for supply of laboratory equipment & materials for the Physics Department of the College. Proper quality & reasonable price should be maintained. Tender should be submitted according to the following specifications: Semester III THERMAL PHYSICS 1. To determine Stefan’s constant. 2. To determine the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of Cu by Searle’s Apparatus. 3. To determine the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of a bad conductor by Lee and Charlton’s disc method. 4. To determine the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance by Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) and determine the boiling point of a liquid. 5. To study the variation of Thermo-Emf of a Thermocouple with Difference of Temperature of its Two Junctions. 6. To calibrate a thermocouple to measure temperature in a specified Range using (i) Null Method, (ii) Direct measurement using Op-Amp difference amplifier and to determine Neutral Temperature. DIGITAL SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS 1. To measure (a) Voltage, and (b) Time period of a periodic waveform using CRO. 2. To test a Diode and Transistor using a Multimeter. 3. To design a switch (NOT gate) using a transistor. 4. To verify and design AND, OR, NOT and XOR gates using NAND gates. 5. To design a combinational logic system for a specified Truth Table. 6. To convert a Boolean expression into logic circuit and design it using logic gate ICs. 7. To minimize a given logic circuit. 8. Half Adder, Full Adder and 4-bit binary Adder. 9. Half Subtractor, Full Subtractor, Adder-Subtractor using Full Adder I.C. 10. To build JK Master-slave flip-flop using Flip-Flop ICs 11. To design an astable multivibrator of given specifications using555 Timer. 12. To design a monostable multivibrator of given specificationsusing 555 Timer. 13. Write the following programs using 8085 Microprocessor a) Addition and subtraction of numbers using direct addressing mode b) Addition and subtraction of numbers using indirect addressing mode c) Multiplication by repeated addition. d) Division by repeated subtraction.