Affiliated to The University of Burdwan
NAAC Re-Accredited Grade B++

Message of Principal

Welcome to the website of Khalisani Mahavidyalaya. We've redesigned this site in a new way to introduce you to the College and to the plethora of services that we provide for our students.

Web site is a gateway to many academic and administrative programs the college offers at the undergraduate level, ranging from arts and science to commerce. In fact, the College offers 12 honours, 3 general courses involving three general degree courses viz BA, BSc and BCom.

We take pride in ourselves on the personal attention we afford to our students. College teaching and non-teaching staff are always available to help students to determine the most important things that are required not merely for their graduate programme but also to explore career options.

Our college in the last ten years went through two assessment processes by NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council) and elevated itself from an average-grade college (grade B) to a college with a recognizable grade (grade B++). Our success in NAAC proved one scholastic axiom that mere lack of resources or infrastructure cannot withstand collective determination.

The new website apart from its state-of-the-art representation relates itself to an educational social network through a web-portal. This, we hope, will help us grow among students, teachers, alumni and associated stakeholders in a faster and robust way. In a academic circle there is an ongoing discussion over the potential of social networking to support teaching and learning, particularly to complement traditional classroom activities. We really wanted to explore that with a conviction that students of new era would find it interesting!

The redesigned website encourages our mission to socialize education and encourage interaction.